The art of beauty: secrets of stylish manicure

Manicure is an important part of the image of a modern woman, giving her a well-groomed and elegant look. Today we have a wide selection of professional manicure services and products on the KODI PROFESSIONAL website, which allows every woman to choose the perfect style and color for her nails.

Trends and trends in the world of manicure

The world of manicure is constantly evolving and offers many interesting trends and directions for creating stylish and original nail designs.

Modern technologies make it possible to create a long-lasting and shiny manicure using gel polish or shellac. These materials provide durable coating and bright, rich shades, while maintaining the health and beauty of natural nails.

Secrets and rules for a perfect manicure

To achieve the perfect manicure, you should consider several important tips and tricks from professionals.

  • Nail Preparation: Start by removing old polish and thoroughly cleaning your nails to remove dust and oil. Trim and buff your nails to your desired shape, removing burrs and giving your natural nails a clean look.
  • Using Base Coat: Apply base coat before applying gel polish or regular polish. This will help protect the nail plate from pigmentation and increase the durability of the manicure.
  • Application technique: For an even and beautiful coating, use the three-stroke technique – apply a drop of varnish to the center of the nail and distribute it with the edges, avoiding touching the cuticle.
  • Finishing Touch: Finish your manicure with a top coat to add shine and protect the color. Optionally, you can use a dryer to quickly fix the varnish.

Manicure is not only nail care, but also an opportunity to express your individuality and style through a beautiful and well-groomed design. By following the advice of professionals and choosing high-quality materials, every woman can create a unique image and emphasize her beauty and confidence.

An important part of a successful manicure is also the correct choice of design and shades of varnish. Modern trends offer a huge variety of options: from classic monochromatic coatings to bright neon shades and original patterns.

In addition, do not forget about caring for your nails after a manicure. Regular nourishment of the nail plate with special oils or creams, the use of protective agents when in contact with chemicals and proper nutrition will help maintain the beauty and health of your nails for many years.